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Our mission:
Empowering people to reach their full academic and professional potential through personalized, accessible test preparation and certification support.
Story of our co-founders Meet our team
Two lynx high five each other. Illustration.
Build Team Trust
Assume positive intent. Trust that everyone is doing their best. Talk directly and respectfully with your colleagues. Be kind to all stakeholders.
Origami crane. Illustration.
Experimental Mindset
Learn from each other and our members. See curiosity as the path to discovery, learning, and openness. Continuously innovate and iterate. Work swiftly with focus on the fewest, most important things.
Pocket Prep brain mascot holds certification. Illustration.
Own your expertise
Exercise the autonomy you have to structure your work most effectively. Make efforts to grow in your field. Apply and share your knowledge. Use available resources to succeed in your role.
One hand passes baton to another hand. Illustration.
Grow Together
Make decisions that support positive growth. Collaborate and move forward with purpose as a team. Exhibit humility and grace in the face of change. Put the goals of the business ahead of individual priorities.
Work/Life Balance
Freedom to live your life while accomplishing something awesome for everyone in education.
Competitive Salaries
We pay in actual dollars, not shares. Plus, we offer profit sharing to every employee.
100% Health Care
Yes, that’s right. We cover all of our employees' health care premiums.