Providing free study prep to those in need.

We believe that everyone deserves equal access to education.

The Pocket Prep Financial Support Program supports our mission to reduce the barriers to education so everyone can achieve their career goals.

Each month, we will provide 20 people with three months of free access to our exam-specific study prep. This is a needs-based program intended for those who cannot afford the material, such as those facing financial hardship or navigating through challenging life circumstances.

We will select recipients throughout the month on a rolling basis. This means that you may be selected and given free access soon after applying. It is recommended to apply only when you are ready to start studying as the access could be granted in as little as a few weekdays.

We encourage applying to the program once you are officially registered for your exam. Interested applicants who are not chosen may re-apply to the program once every 30 days.

Visit the application form linked below to apply.

Financial Support Program Application Form