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Assessment Technologies Institute: Test of Essential Academic Skills
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This is what kicking down that door to your success and chopping it into tiny pieces feels like. At Pocket Prep, we’ve got your back as all of our practice questions are written by industry pros and are based on the latest exam outlines available. Plus, each question comes with a detailed explanation.
View all 12 ATI® TEAS Subjects
English & Language Usage: Conventions of Standard English
8 of 9 Correct
English & Language Usage: Knowledge of Language
12 of 16 Correct
English & Language Usage: Vocabulary Acquisition
5 of 9 Correct
Math: Measurement & Data
6 of 11 Correct
Math: Number & Algebra
3 of 8 Correct
Reading: Craft & Structure
3 of 10 Correct
Our apps identify your trouble areas and give you the tools to turn them around.
Built for the busy
Study wherever, whenever with 6 quiz types:
Question of the Day
The quickest way to do a little studying everyday.
Quick 10 Quiz
10 questions randomly selected from the question bank.
Missed Questions Quiz
Retake questions you’ve missed and improve your overall score.
Weakest Subject Quiz
Focus on questions from your lowest subject score.
Timed Quiz
Have 5 or 10 minutes to invest in some study time?
Build Your Own
Select how many questions and what subjects to focus on.
Mock Exam
Practice the test day experience with all new questions.
Bar graph of user's quiz scores.
See Your Progress
Detailed results show where you're doing well and where you should focus.
Gauge graph shows user their average study score.
Gauge Where You Are
Your overall study score and how you compare to others.
Two week calendar marks what days the user studied. Steaks are marked with line connecting back to back study days.
Keep Up the Streak
A little each day helps you stay on track for your exam.
Get the prep you need to pass the ATI TEAS.
If you want to make a difference, start preparing now. The ATI TEAS is used by nursing schools nationwide in the admissions process as a significant predictor of nursing school success. Pocket Prep can help you prepare for the ATI TEAS, covering material in Reading, Science, Math, English, and Language Usage.
Exam Info & Registration Guide to Passing the TEAS Science Section
There is no official TEAS passing score. Programs vary in the minimum score required for acceptance.
I did not do so well my first attempt taking the TEAS. I saw this app, downloaded it, and reviewed like crazy. I took the TEAS test a second time and did 10% better than the 1st attempt.
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2000 Questions
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Pocket Prep, Inc. is neither affiliated with nor endorsed by any of the organizations listed. All organizational and test names are trademarks of their respective owners.