The secret to (y)our success
sourcePrep is our very own process, built to bring you the test prep content you deserve. It assures that the material we include in all of our curricula is always accurate, original, and made just for what you need – getting ahead.
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Our content starts at the source by reviewing each exam.
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Subject matter experts write questions and in-depth answer explanations.
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Questions, answer choices, and explanations are vetted by our editors.
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We review our content to ensure it’s up-to-date and improve accuracy with data.
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Education is a human right
Our goal is to reduce barriers to career success so everyone can achieve their goals.
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Everyone deserves support
Our apps ensure quality content and accuracy for all.
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Financial inequity shouldn’t be a barrier
Life can be expensive. Quality study content shouldn’t be.
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Studying should be engaging
Our apps are simple and intuitive built with you in mind.
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The story of our co-founders
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We’re proud to be profitable with $0 investor backing. We prefer to captain our own ship.
Meet our team
Heidi Baggerman
Design Lead
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Marketing Specialist
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Senior Product Designer
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Co-founder & CTO
Robby Helms
Software Engineer
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Academic Content Specialist
Don Ly
Marketing Specialist
Michelle Marlowe
Senior Project Manager
Curtis Martin
Lead Android Developer
Deon McCormick
Business Development Lead
Bar chart of which movie universe Pocket Prep employees would want to be in where the top choice was the matrix. Bar chart of which movie universe Pocket Prep employees would want to be in where the top choice was the matrix.
Peter Murphy
Co-founder & CEO
Alex Naturkach
Customer Service Lead
Alyson Newby
Content Strategy Lead
Maria Soboleva
iOS Developer
April Stratemeyer
Communications Manager
Colin Ulin
Sr. Software Engineer
Rob Witman
VP of Engineering
Prep with the Pros
All of our practice questions are written by industry experts, and each question comes with a detailed explanation.