Treating our communities well is at the heart of everything we do. We enjoy giving back through multiple company programs and initiatives. Our goal is to meet people where they’re at and provide the support they need right now. 

By getting to know the people and places that make up our communities, we can better understand the challenges they face and work to make our impact that much stronger.

Pocket Prep volunteer day

How We Give Back:

Racial Equity Scholarship – In support of the Black Lives Matter movement, we launched a scholarship program to take action against rampant racial inequity in education. Our program provides members of minoritized communities with a funded and supported certification exam-taking process. To date, we have funded the exam costs for 15 scholarship recipients with a 100% pass rate on the first exam attempt. Visit our Racial Equality Scholarship page for more information. 

Community Donations – We believe community involvement at a local and national level is a part of our success as a company. Every quarter we donate a percentage of our profits to charitable organizations within the communities of our Seattle and Durham offices, as well as national causes. The nonprofits we donate to include adult education and literacy support, youth mentorship, food insecurity, nature restoration, LGBTQIA community support, and more.

Financial Support Program – Our mission is to reduce barriers to education so everyone can achieve their career goals. If cost is a critical barrier to someone passing their exam, we offer a needs-based program where up to 50 people per month are provided free access to our premium study prep. To learn more or apply, visit our page here.

Employee Volunteering – We support and encourage our staff to get involved in regular community volunteering. Each quarter, our staff will leave the office to volunteer at an on-site charitable or giveback event ranging from nature restoration to food banks. We also allow each employee to volunteer 2 hours per week during work hours to their charitable activity of choice.

Building Our Products To Be Accessible For All – We are committed to providing a digitally accessible experience for people of all abilities. When creating new products or features, we always commit dedicated time to implement best practices in making our products accessible and usable by all according to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. Learn more about our process via our Accessibility Statement.