We are actively watching and listening to everything occurring in our nation in order to learn how we can serve as an ally to and advocate for the Black community. We understand that one of the ways change happens in our society is through education, and making education accessible to all is at the core of what we do.

We firmly believe in reducing the barriers to career success, providing equal access to the help needed to succeed, and that financial inequality shouldn’t be a barrier to career opportunity. This is why we are making a commitment to launch a scholarship program for people of color and minorities beginning this fall. The program will pay for the fees and supplies associated with acquiring certifications that require passing a career-defining exam. We will provide more information on this initiative in the coming weeks.

In addition, Pocket Prep will make a $10,000 donation to organizations working to address racial and systemic injustice. We will let our members help us decide where the donations will go to, and we will share the specifics of those donations (view a breakdown here). Pocket Prep will also be matching all employee donations made to organizations in support of the Black Lives Matter protests.

Lastly, we will work with our local resources and communities in Seattle and Durham to have all of our employees partake in anti-racism workshops to ensure each and every one of us is doing our part in the workplace and beyond.

We cannot and will not remain silent. Black Lives Matter.