What are the new Pocket Prep apps?

The new Pocket Prep apps were created out of a desire to better meet our members’ needs. By bundling our offerings around specific industries, such as Fitness, Nursing, Medical, and IT & Cybersecurity, we are lowering the bar to entry and making exam prep even more affordable. Our bundles give you more freedom to pay for the length of time you’re actually studying. And they provide even more value to those of you who are prepping for multiple exams.

We’ve seen that a number of you want to prepare for multiple exams over time. With the new subscription offering, you’ll no longer have to purchase a new test prep app or download a new app for each individual exam. Instead, multiple industry-related exams will be available for access in a single place for a single price. This bundling format will also allow you to see each of the industry-related exam preps available to you, making it easier to plan ahead for future test preparation and studying.

For those of you who are only planning to take a single exam, we understand that you each have different lengths of time you plan to study. With the subscription model, we are providing you the opportunity to save money. Rather than paying a larger upfront flat fee, a smaller monthly fee gives you the opportunity to maximize your study time and meet your individual financial needs.

What’s new and improved?

While the overall functionality and flow of our app remains similar, we’ve added some brand new features and resolved technical issues to create an enhanced user experience. The experience on our new app is significantly better.

We’ve added new study modes. You can now take an exam based on time in addition to committing to a number of questions. This means you have more flexibility to fit studying into your busy day. We’ve also added the ability to quickly take an exam focused on your weakest subject or your missed questions. This ensures that you’re getting the practice you need in the areas you need it most. We’ve also added study streaks to help you know how often you’re studying. You can now keep track of what days you’ve answered the question of the day and what days you’ve taken quizzes.

This is only the beginning. As in the past, we will continue to add new content to each exam. When newer versions of textbooks come out, we begin work on adding in new questions and removing irrelevant ones. We also plan to add additional exam prep to each bundle over time.

How do the bundles work?

When purchasing a bundle, you get access to every exam in that bundle for one set price. If you plan to take more than one certification exam, we’ve made it easier to keep studying without a large, upfront cost. As noted above, for those of you who are planning to study for only a single exam, the smaller monthly fee gives you the opportunity to maximize your study time while meeting your individual financial needs.
I’ve already purchased one of your other apps. So what does this mean for me?

If you’ve already purchased an Ultimate account for one of our single-exam apps, we’re honoring your past purchase by gifting you premium access to that exam prep within the new multi-exam app. If you’d like to study for a different exam in your specific bundle, you can start a free trial to test out the new subscription or subscribe to the remainder of the bundle at a discounted price.

When will the new bundles be available on iOS, Android and web?

All of the new Pocket Prep apps are available on iOS, Android and the web.
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