Is Pocket Prep free?

All of our apps are free to download and try with Basic Prep. Basic Prep will provide you with 25-50 questions and 3 quiz modes including the Question of the Day.

A paid Premium subscription will unlock the full question bank of 500-2200 questions (varies by exam) and additional quiz modes such as Missed Questions, Weakest Subject, Build Your Own Quiz. The Premium subscription provides these benefits for every exam available within your app.

How does the Premium subscription work?

A one-month, three-month or one year subscription can be activated in the App Store, Google Play or on our web portal.

Subscriptions will auto renew until canceled. Subscribers will be alerted via email when their current subscription is close to ending and when the new subscription will be automatically billed. Users who do not want an automatic renewal must cancel their subscription before the renewal date. You may view instructions on how to cancel your subscription by following this link: How do I cancel my subscription?

If you would like to change the type of subscription you currently have, please visit this link to understand your options: How do I change the length of my subscription?

Where do Pocket Prep practice questions come from?

At Pocket Prep, we have a defined process for how we bring you the best test prep content–we call it sourcePrep™. Our sourcePrep™ process assures that the material we include in all of our apps is completely accurate and original.

All of our exam preparation content is based on each individual exam’s blueprint. Every accredited organization that fields official exams is required to provide test takers with an exam blueprint. This blueprint outlines the components of the exam, including the specific focus areas that will be tested and general insights.

After a rigorous dive into your exam blueprint, we map the types of questions commonly found within the testing environment, prioritizing topics with larger distributions (i.e., a topic that’s 30% of the exam versus one that’s only 3%). We then begin working with subject matter experts to draft actual questions, answers, and rationales.

The subject matter experts have been educated and trained on proper item writing techniques that reflect industry standards in writing effective test questions, particularly in a multiple-choice format. We work with them directly to ensure the correct level of difficulty, the proper organization and distribution of content, and the appropriate language is being used for each and every question.

Will I see these questions on the real exam?

No, our practice questions will not be the exact same questions as those on the official exam. Actual exam questions are highly secured and only accessible by the accrediting organization. It is illegal to provide real questions for an official exam, anyone outside of the accrediting organization that claims to have real questions are either being dishonest or are using illegal practices.

Can I pass my exam just using Pocket Prep?

Pocket Prep is designed to be used as part of a well-rounded study process and is not intended to be used as your sole study option leading up to an exam. Many of the exams we offer prep for require an incredible breadth of knowledge in complex subject areas as well as on-the-job experience.

Our app is most commonly used alongside educational classes as well as the official textbooks for those classes. Pocket Prep is intended to be an engaging and helpful resource during the study process by serving as a measurement tool for understanding.

Scientific studies have continually shown that regularly quizzing yourself on the material you are studying supports stronger memorization and a better understanding of complex concepts. Regular quizzing also allows you to uncover areas where you are still struggling, and areas that you seem to understand well, allowing you to put your time and energy where it matters most.

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