Check out our recent Customer Success Story! This Android app user passed the AAPC CPC exam.

Your app really made the difference. I took both Medical Coding and Billing I & II at my local community college and I also received a certificate as a Health Information Specialist. While this prepared me for the exam, there were many holes that I ended up slipping through the first time I took it. I knew the answers were in the books but I just didn’t know how to retrieve them efficiently and effectively.

Your app helped to find and fill those holes. I was able to tab parts of the book that I don’t think my classes covered. Another part I really appreciated were the explanations. Knowing I got an answer wrong does very little to help me learn if I don’t know why that answer is wrong. The cost was also helpful. AAPC offers study products but they are all so pricey, so your app was the perfect price (the best 15 bucks I have spent in a long while)!

So, thank you. Your app made a real difference for me. As a person who recently turned 40 and is changing career paths (environmental sciences just isn’t hiring in this environment!), it helped tremendously to have something to practice with.

Elaine McDevitt