“I found pocket prep from a recommendation from a fellow classmate.

The main resources I used to study were Pocket Prep, Inman questions, and Inman audio. Between the three of these, I passed on my first try which felt incredible!

My plan with Pocket Prep was to go  through all 800 questions in the question bank. I always  flagged the ones I didn’t know.  I really liked always having practice problems at my fingertips. This was the most helpful tool I used throughout my entire study process.

Pocket Prep  truly helped me to prepare for this exam. I felt confident answering questions on the exam because of this app and website. Thank you!! I only wish that there were more practice questions.*”

*Ask and you shall receive! We have added more questions to our RD exam prep, now totalling 1000 questions.

Pocket Prep offers exam preparation via mobile app for the CDR RD exam in the Medical Pocket Prep App, available on iOS or Android. The study material is also available online at study.pocketprep.com. Pocket Prep’s RD exam prep offers 1000 practice questions spanning four subject areas. As always, all Pocket Prep apps are free to download and feature introductory content at no cost.