Studying for the pre-admission NLN PAX exam requires a lot of time. As a busy mom of two, Katie worked hard to figure out the best study method for herself so she could take the next step in her nursing career. 

“I had tried many other avenues for studying; books, websites, workbooks, etc. and it just wasn’t working in a way that fit my busy schedule. 

Pocket Prep showed up when I was searching for a study app to help me. I instantly knew that using the free version would be most beneficial to me, so I downloaded the app right away. 

I used the app at least once a day. My preferred study method was the Quick 10 Quizzes and the Question Of The Day.During my practice sessions, my goal was  to score 70% or more each time to have a general idea on how well I’d do on the actual test.

When I found out I’d passed, it was such a huge relief and a weight off my shoulders!”

Pocket Prep offers exam preparation via mobile app for the NLN PAX in the Nursing School Pocket Prep App, available on iOS or Android. The study material is also available online at Pocket Prep’s NLN PAX exam prep offers 1495 practice questions spanning three subject areas. As always, all Pocket Prep apps are free to download and feature introductory content at no cost.