Keith is a self-admitted ‘horrible test taker’ but found success with Pocket Prep. 

“I did not really understand how and what the questions were asking and I had failed the NREMT-P four times already. 

A few paramedics from my county suggested Pocket Prep and told me it really helped them pass their exams. 

I loved that each question explanation showed its source from widely used paramedic books. To be able to go to the cited page and read up a little more on that subject even if you got the question right was really helpful for me.  I was able to  just brush up a little more on the topics. I realized there were some areas that I didn’t know as well as I thought I did. 

This was my fifth try and I got cut off at 77 questions which made me pretty sure I had passed. By that point I knew the material and how to answer the questions.”

Pocket Prep offers exam preparation via mobile app for the NREMT® Paramedic exam in the EMS Pocket Prep App. The study material is available now on iOS, Android, and online at Pocket Prep’s CMP exam prep offers 1085 practice questions spanning 6 subject areas. As always, all Pocket Prep apps are free to download and feature introductory content at no cost.