What should you expect if you’re getting ready to take your LEED Green Associate exam? This exam demonstrates that you have an understanding of the concept of green building and design as outlined by the USGBC, the US Green Building Council. Who should take the LEED Green Associate exam? What does this exam cover? What do you have to do to maintain your LEED Green Associate credential? Keep reading for a full LEED Green Associate exam guide.

Who should take the LEED Green Associate exam?
The Green Associate designation means that you have some experience with basic energy-saving techniques. This could be in design, construction, operations, or other related trades. While it might seem that this exam applies only to architects, designers, and builders, it can also be used by real estate professionals, lawyers, and even sales and marketing professionals.

The Green Associate credential is LEED’s entry-level accreditation. While you do not have to have extensive experience in architecture, operations, building, or design, you should have a good understanding of eco-friendly building principles as set out by the GCBI.

What does the LEED Green Associate exam cover?
The test for the GA credential is 2 hours long. It has 100 multiple choice questions, which are designed to test your recall, application, and analysis of LEED principles, processes, and policies. Here are the subjects you’ll find on this exam:

-Opportunities for synergistic building
-LEED application process
-Building certification and USGBC policies
-Factors in choosing the project site
-Energy conservation
-Project materials management
-Public outreach
-Building codes

Exam fees and maintenance
If you or your company already have a membership, the fee for the LEED GA certification exam is $150. For non-members, it is $200. There’s also a $50.00 application fee. To maintain your GA accreditation, you need to complete 15 hours of continuing education every two years.

Why get the LEED Green Associate credential?
Becoming LEED credentialed demonstrates that you have up-to-date knowledge of green building practices. It also shows that you take your job seriously. In these economically-challenged and ecologically-friendly times, demonstrating your commitment to green construction and management is a definite plus for employers and clients alike.

Although the LEED Green Associate exam can be challenging, it can lead to greater things – most notably, a chance for Advanced Professional accreditation. With preparation and patience, we’re confident you will be able to take and pass your LEED Green Associate Exam!