Pocket Prep, the mobile test prep company that provides effective, convenient and engaging test prep for more than 100 standardized exams, announced today an upgraded user experience through a consolidation of its exam prep apps into industry-specific bundles, a selection of brand new study modules, and a more affordable subscription model.

Listening to feedback from its users and identifying user needs, the company has restructured its exam and test preparation offerings, packaging over 100 individual exam preparation apps into 10 new industry-specific bundled apps.

We've studied how our users utilize our apps and realized an opportunity to consolidate exams by industry, while also continuing to provide an even more engaging user experience.
Peter Murphy, CEO

By bundling the offerings, Pocket Prep lowers the bar to entry, making access to exam study prep even more affordable for all users, from single exam takers to those taking multiple exams. Users will no longer have to purchase and download a new test prep app for each individual exam. Instead, multiple industry-related exams will be available for access in a single place for a single price. This provides even more value to users who are prepping for multiple exams.

The new Pocket Prep bundled apps are as follows:

Pocket Prep app bundle icons for ten different industry.

The 10 new app offerings have an average 4.8 App Store user rating from over 2,500 reviews since March of 2020.

Paired with the new bundled apps, Pocket Prep has moved into a subscription model. Users will now have the freedom to pay for the length of time they are actually studying by paying a lower monthly fee versus a higher upfront, one-time fee. This structure is especially valuable for students who may only need a couple of months to study and want to avoid a higher upfront payment or annual fees.

Pocket Prep's New App
We've rebuilt our apps to make studying on-the-go even easier while providing access to multiple industry-related exam preparation tools all in one place.

“We’ve studied how our users utilize our apps and realized an opportunity to consolidate exams by industry, while also continuing to provide an even more engaging user experience,” said Peter Murphy, CEO and Co-Founder of Pocket Prep. “Many of our users, especially those in the nursing, medical, and IT fields, typically take multiple exams over the course of their career. By offering them access to all these exams in one place and at one price, we’re helping them understand what they need to prepare for ahead of time while also allowing them to view the advanced content.”

The 10 new apps also feature brand new study features and modules, as well as technical upgrades. Users can now take exams based on time in addition to exams with a set number of questions, providing more flexibility to fit studying into all schedules. Users also have a new option to take exams focused on their weakest subject or missed questions. This ensures people are focusing on the areas they need it the most. Lastly, a new study streak feature helps users keep track of how often they’re studying, keeping them consistent and on track.

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“Our aim is to provide students and professionals with an effective, engaging, and on-the-go study resource. We understand the high-stakes and high-cost nature of career-advancing testing, and we want to help everyone study effectively and pass the first time,” said Murphy. “When paired with classes and textbooks, our app really helps support understanding and retainment of even the most complex subjects, all through regular exposure and meaningful practice and insights.”

The new apps are available now in the App Store for iPhones and iPads as well through Pocket Prep’s online study portal. All apps will be coming to Android in 2020. Users can choose between a monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription, and all apps come with a free three day trial, including full access, before billing.

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Pocket Prep has led the mobile test prep category with its portable learning, smart feedback, and affordable programs since 2011. The company is dedicated to providing the most effective, convenient, and engaging test prep for more than 100 standardized exams spanning the medical, nursing, business, IT, social work, finance, automotive and fitness industries. The company is headquartered in Seattle, WA with an office in Durham, NC.

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