If your occupational goal is to become a real estate salesperson or real estate broker, you must first pass the California real estate exam. Once you have passed this exam and applied for and received your license, you can begin your career knowing you have passed one of the most recognized real estate exams in the United States.

A real estate salesperson works for a real estate broker. Once you are licensed by the California Bureau of Real Estate, you can only practice under a broker. There are several different fields within real estate, and you are able to work in whichever you choose. Salespersons are able to rent and sell property while under a brokerage. While salespersons listings are not under their names, they are the face to the brokerage they represent. Especially in larger firms, the salespersons are often the ones working directly with customers and completing transactions.

While many individuals choose to stay a salesperson, some climb the career ladder up to real estate broker. To become a broker, you must have at least two years working as a salesperson, or have a bachelor’s degree with at least a major or minor in real estate. Brokers have the legal ability to practice on their own, which allows them to open offices and have salespersons working for them. They can either work under another brokerage, or they can own their own brokerage.

Many people choose to stay a real estate salesperson rather than moving up to broker because there is less liability involved. Seasoned salespersons may often have more experience than a broker, but they enjoy the responsibilities of dealing with customers and smaller sales than the pressure of handling broker deals. With either position, though, the California real estate exam gives individuals the groundwork knowledge and ability to be able to work in realty and achieve success.