“I have many years of experience in the HR field. Yet even with my advanced degree, I knew that recent senior certifications would help demonstrate my current knowledge level.

Four months prior to my exam date, I was searching for apps in the Google Play store to find something that would supplement my study material. Given my years of experience, I felt that exams and quizzes would be a good tool for me to highlight the areas where I needed to study most.

By using the app, I knew which areas needed work and that’s where I spent my time with my study materials. The daily reminders helped me stay on top of my study plan. I liked how I could revisit past quizzes and retake them as needed. Re-quizzing helped confirm my level of understanding.

The exam only has a 51% pass rate so I was really excited to pass on my first try!

Thank you for making this tool available. It really assisted with foundational knowledge about our craft. It offered the details behind conceptual understanding so that I could apply them to the more strategic, scenario-driven approach of the SHRM-CP.”

Pocket Prep offers exam preparation via mobile app for the SHRM-CP exam in the Professional Pocket Prep App, available on iOS or Android. The study material is also available online at study.pocketprep.com. Pocket Prep’s CP exam prep offers 500 practice questions spanning six subject areas. As always, all Pocket Prep apps are free to download and feature introductory content at no cost.