Andrew used Pocket Prep to study for the Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) exam. He used the app’s question and answer explanations to understand where he needed to study most and got through all 800 practice questions during his 8-week course.

After passing the exam, he shared his story of why Pocket Prep worked for him.

“Pocket Prep helped me stay on top of my skills and prepare for the NREMT exam. I purchased the Ultimate Edition of this app and passed my NREMT test the first try after running through roughly 800 practice questions and taking an 8-week course.

The study metrics, study alarm, and explanations of why your answers are correct or incorrect were paramount in my overall success. I’ve recommended this app to my entire class and will be highly recommending my director suggest it as a study tool for future classes. I cannot thank Pocket Prep enough for helping me get through this life goal!!

Pocket Prep is the best tool aside from practicing skills that I was able to find and can faithfully say was a major factor in my success.”

Pocket Prep offers exam preparation via mobile app for the EMT and AEMT exams, as well as the NREMT Paramedic and Firefighter I & II exams, in the EMS Pocket Prep app. The study material is available now on iOS and is soon to come to Android. The EMT exam prep offers 800 practice questions spanning five subject areas. The AEMT exam prep offers 500 practice questions spanning five subject areas.

Over 150,000 people have prepared for the EMT or AEMT exams using Pocket Prep. As always, all Pocket Prep apps are free to download and feature introductory content at no cost.