Julia utilized Pocket Prep in studying for the The National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer (NASM-CPT™) exam. Using the app, she was able to pinpoint specific areas where she needed to study most and made measurable progress in areas that she had fallen stagnant. She was kind enough to share her story with us. Here’s what she had to say:

“When I started my NASM course, I was overwhelmed with the amount of information to learn, retain and comprehend. My background was in fine arts and psychology, not medical or fitness, so I had a lot to learn. While taking quizzes and reviewing the material from NASM itself helped, I still struggled with various areas and was not making any measurable progress.

I explored YouTube to see what other personal trainers did when facing their own roadblocks in their studies. Many of them suggested Pocket Prep as a surefire way to tackle tough areas. I paid for and downloaded the full program and I immediately could see the areas I was proficient in as well as the areas that I needed improvement in. So I tapered all my studying to those trouble areas.

Where as NASM used a language rooted in medical science, Pocket Prep simplified things down in such a way that connected the information and explained why things were the way they were. For example, I could understand muscle imbalances once I understood their causes and why in a language that was better suited for someone who had no previous experience with it. I was then able to review the material with a clarity that I did not have before. For each practice question I missed, Pocket Prep offered detailed explanations as to why I had it wrong and where to look in the text to comprehend that particular area better.

I studied exclusively with Pocket Prep and it propelled me forward. Once test day arrived, I felt prepared and ready. Had I not used this Pocket Prep to assist me, I would not have been able to push through the barriers that kept me from getting to my NASM certification. For anyone trying to have an easy to access, comprehensive study and test guide for a discipline in the psychological, medical or social sciences, Pocket Prep is a must have.”

At Pocket Prep we offer exam preparation via mobile or desktop app for the NASM-CPT™ as well as the NASM Performance Enhancement Specialization™ (PES). Our NASM-CPT exam prep offers 800 practice questions that span seven content areas of Basic and Applied Sciences, Assessment, Exercise Technique and Training Instruction, Program Design, Considerations in Nutrition, Client Relations and Behavioral Coaching, and Professional Development and Responsibility.

Over 138,000 people have prepared for the NASM-CPT using Pocket Prep. To learn more, visit our NASM-CPT and NASM-PES exam pages.

As always, all Pocket Prep apps are free to download and feature introductory content at no cost.