Jeremy used Pocket Prep to study for his NREMT certification. He shared his story with us, including his chosen study tools and how Pocket Prep helped him pass his exam. Here’s what he had to say:

“Hi Pocket Preppers! I was told about this app from a fellow student in my expedited EMT course. There was a LOT to learn in 10 weeks, and having come from a law enforcement background, I had to pay even more attention and study even harder!

Well, all of the studying paid off because I passed my class and quickly received the authorization to test for the NREMT through Pearson. I set a goal of taking the test within 30 days and then I started to read, review, take notes and mentally prepare for the test. I was happy with Pocket Prep because after you answered each question, there was an opportunity to review the question whether you answered it correctly or incorrectly. The book I used in the class, and from what I understand the MAJORITY of classrooms around the country, is what was referenced for each question. So, if I wasn’t absolutely sure about an answer, I looked it up in the book and read the paragraph, page, section or even the entire chapter to understand the concept.

When I had a couple of concerns about a couple of questions in the app, I sent an email and was quickly contacted by staff who created Pocket Prep for us. It was refreshing to have such great customer service.

I took about 3 of the “quick ten” exams every day. So, about 30 questions a day randomly asking about specific skills, terms, procedures or facts associated with providing medical care as an EMT. I maintained a 81% throughout the 30 days of studying and the day before the NREMT I just stopped studying to take a rest. I walked in a bit early and was allowed entry. I was pretty nervous and then the test started. I will honestly say, it was TOUGH! You HAVE to study and after the first question, I understood exactly why 1 in 3 fail their first attempt. But, I took the questions for what they were, read them and used a process of elimination for answers that didn’t pop into my head immediately. The computer stopped after 30 minutes and I thought for sure I failed. Ugh…what a stressful time until I checked online and discovered I passed! I received the minimum questions and passed the first time and I can honestly say, my passing was directly related to studying with Pocket Prep. Spend the few bucks it costs and you too will pass your first time.

Good luck to you all and THANKS to the Pocket Prep crew!”

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