Check out our recent Customer Success Story! This iOS app user earned a 90% on the NSCA CPT exam.

This app helped me earn a 90% on my NSCA CPT exam. I was very satisfied with this app and know I got my money’s worth. The explanations after you get a question wrong are very thorough and it references the page number from the book if you want to further look into the topic, which I believe is the most valuable part of the app. The questions this app provides are competent in comparison to the ones on the actual exam and are at about the same level of difficulty. You won’t find too many questions on the exam that are harder than these.

Before taking the exam, I was regularly getting 90%+ on 25 question practice exams. Two weeks, one week, and the day before my exam I took 100 question practice exams and was also able to receive at least a 90% on those. I also recommend after you answer each question to take a mental note on why you chose that question and make sure it somewhat matches with the reasoning the app provides.

I highly recommend this app if you’re on the fence about purchasing it and it saves a lot of money in comparison to buying all the study materials available out there. Thanks, Pocket Prep.

lopez6193, iTunes Review

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