The NSCA has implemented changes to the Detailed Content Outline (DCO) for the Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) certification examination. As of January 31, 2020, candidates will need to follow the new DCO to prepare for the CSCS examination.

What’s changed on the NSCA CSCS 2020 Examination?

The CSCS DCO remained almost identical to the current (pre-January 31, 2020) DCO, less a few changes in two subject areas. Below are the changes made to both the Scientific Foundations (SF) and Practical Applied (PA) outline:

CSCS Scientific Foundations (SF) Changes:
– 1.J: Apply Knowledge of the Psychological Techniques Used to Enhance Training
– Domain 2: Sport Psychology-added as a new domain; was 1.J in old outline
– Domain 3: Nutrition; formerly Domain 2

CSCS Practical/Applied (PA) Changes:
– 1.A: Teach and Evaluate Movement Preparation; formerly 1.F
– 1.G: Teach Spotting Procedures and Techniques: REMOVED as a Task and added as a subtask within 1.B
– 1.G: Teach and Evaluate Recovery Techniques; added to new outline

So, how has Pocket Prep addressed these changes?

Pocket Prep has already updated the CSCS exam prep app by providing a version for the new DCO. Candidates studying for the existing DCO can decline the update and switch at any time in the future.