Check out our recent Customer Success Story! This iOS app user passed the NREMT Paramedic (NRP) exam.

Thank you!!! Your program helped me isolate my weak areas so I could focus on it until I was confident and it even helped me in the areas I thought I was strong in!

A person can read and re-read the text book and even Google till the cows come home but if you’re not put in a scenario like a psychomotor test, you really don’t know where you stand. We did scenarios in class but I was learning at the time and it did not really implant it in my head. But after class was over, the learning really started!

I went through all the questions at least twice. Every question I got wrong I looked it up and read and re-read everything about it so I understood it down to its most basic level and also why we do it and not something else.

In conclusion, this program made all the difference for me!

– Jason Castle, Paramedic