After launching its new exam prep apps on iOS in 2020, Pocket Prep’s exam prep material is now available across all modern Android devices

Pocket Prep, the mobile test prep company that provides effective, convenient and engaging test prep for more than 100 standardized exams, announced today the availability of its study material and exam prep on Android devices.

In mid-2020, Pocket Prep restructured its exam and test preparation offerings, packaging over 100 individual exam preparation apps into ten new industry-specific bundled apps for the App Store and iOS devices. Today, those ten industry-specific bundled apps are now available through the Google Play Store and on Android devices.

Mix of phones and app icons showcase Pocket Prep's Android study apps.
Our new Android apps are organized into 10 apps with new app icons. Additionally, all our apps have new quiz modes: Timed Quiz, Missed Questions Quiz, and Weakest Subject Quiz.

“We are thrilled that with this Android launch, all of our exam prep is now available on all major devices and platforms,” says Peter Murphy, CEO and Co-Founder of Pocket Prep. “Our incredible team built these apps from scratch in just seven months, all during a pandemic. With more emphasis being placed on distance learning, giving Android the love it deserves was a top priority for our growing company.”

The new Pocket Prep bundled apps on Android are as follows:

The app interface and experience are the same for iOS users and Android users. Pocket Prep’s ten iOS apps have received over 20,000 App Store reviews since their launch last year and have a 4.8 average star rating.

We are thrilled that with this Android launch, all of our exam prep is now available on all major devices and platforms
Peter Murphy, CEO and Co-Founder

Pocket Prep’s exam prep is designed to give users the confidence and competence they need to pass their high-stakes career-defining exams the first time. Pocket Prep apps are always up-to-date with the latest testing standards and content and the targeted quizzing features allow users to pinpoint exactly where their weaknesses are. Users become well acclimated to a testing environment through customizable timing limitations, interchangeable question subject areas, and regular performance insights.

All of Pocket Prep’s exam prep is available on iOS devices including iPads, all modern Android devices, and online at Users can choose between a monthly, quarterly or annual subscription. All apps are free to download and feature introductory content at no cost.

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Pocket Prep has led the mobile test prep category with its portable learning, smart feedback, and affordable programs since 2011. The company is dedicated to providing the most effective, convenient, and engaging test prep for more than 100 standardized exams spanning the medical, nursing, business, IT, social work, finance, automotive and fitness industries. The company is headquartered in Seattle, WA with an office in Durham, NC.

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