From Newcomer to New York City Safety Professional

Five years ago, fresh out of college, Steven Alfano embarked on a journey in the construction safety business. His first step was acquiring the STSC certification, and then he spent time gaining on-the-job experience. Eager to continually grow, he started to learn more about certifications and how they might help build his credibility and resume. Despite feeling “as green as it gets,” Steven set an ambitious goal for himself: achieving the Certified Safety Professional (CSP) certification.

Steven’s journey was not without its challenges. After gaining two years of experience in the field, he attempted the Associate Safety Professional (ASP) exam, only to face a setback in his first attempt. Undeterred, Steven persisted and passed on his second try. This crucial milestone made the once-daunting goal of becoming CSP-certified start to seem possible. He then successfully passed the Construction Health and Safety Technician (CHST) exam, steadily moving closer to his ultimate goal.

Steven’s motivation to pursue the CSP certification intensified when his company required a CSP for a significant project in Brooklyn. He saw this as an opportunity to add value to his team and advance his career.

The Study Journey: Finding the Right Tools

Steven went all in to prepare for the CSP, determined to pass on his first attempt. He began six months before exam day by reviewing materials from his ASP preparation but soon realized the vast amount of diverse information he would need to cover. He dove into various study materials, from textbooks to flashcards and online courses.

Steven picked up Pocket Prep three months before exam day, recalling that he had used it when studying for the ASP. Being a father of two, he knew he’d need a study routine that could fit into his busy life, whether commuting to work in the city, on breaks at work, or late at night after the kids were asleep.

He drilled himself daily in Pocket Prep, utilizing it to identify and improve his weak areas. He would flag any questions he wasn’t confident in for review later, and as exam day drew near, he focused on his weakest subjects. As he reviewed questions that stumped him, he would write down the explanation in his notebook, slowly committing the information to his long-term memory.

Collaboration also played a key role in his thorough preparation; Steven and a friend would text each other screenshots of challenging questions for discussion and take 100-question quizzes together, spitballing possible answers and explaining their reasoning.

The Final Push and Success

Steven’s dedication was apparent in his daily routine; he consistently engaged with the app, replacing social media scrolling with productive study sessions. By the time he sat for the CSP exam, his confidence was sky-high, directly resulting from his thorough preparation for the previous six months. Learning he passed the exam, Steven saw all of his hard work pay off.

More Than Just Passing

Steven’s approach to studying for the CSP exam resulted in more than just passing the exam – he gained a deep understanding of the concepts and information, going beyond memorization. His method involved a consistent routine of drilling problems, discussing challenging concepts with a friend, and writing down explanations to questions he found difficult. Approaching the material over many months and from various angles has ensured that he retains the information beyond the exam, which is critical to keeping the construction sites he works on safe.