We get it, studying is hard. The reality is most of us were never taught how to study properly. 

What makes our exam prep unique is that we understand why it’s hard, and how to approach topics in ways that work for people in the long-run. 

We integrate various learning science principles into our study modes. In other words, our prep structure intentionally works in techniques that are proven to help you learn and retain information naturally. 

With Pocket Prep, you actually learn what you are studying, instead of just memorizing it.

Our exam prep structure focuses on three key learning science principles:

  1. Interleaving.
    Interleaving is where you switch between topics during a study session and is core to our exam prep. Going back through ideas in a different order helps the brain make stronger connections to the content. Our exam prep is designed so content always changes order to help ensure interleaving happens organically.
  2. Spaced Repetition.
    Spaced repetition is when you space out your studying rather than cram everything into a short time frame. Our Question of the Day, Quick 10 and Timed Quiz quiz modes rely on the concept of spaced repetition – so instead of cramming for three hours, you space out your studying and actually retain the information.
  3. Retrieval Practice.
    Another key principle we use is retrieval practice – where you quiz yourself to understand the information you don’t know as well, and then go back to strengthen those areas. Our Weakest subject, Missed questions, Build your own quiz modes help you get stronger in the areas in which you may need a bit more practice.

By incorporating these principles into the app quiz modes, the information presented is more likely to stick with the person studying. With Pocket Prep, you actually learn what you are studying, instead of just memorizing it.

Content is Key

In addition to incorporating learning science principles into our prep structure, we focus intently on the actual content of our quizzes. We have our own proprietary process for creating and evaluating our prep content.

Four-image diagram of the Pocket Prep exam creation process.

We work with industry experts who base their questions on the most up-to-date exam content. Our prep content closely mirrors what’s on the actual exam and is updated whenever an exam changes.

With our product based in Learning Science principles and paired with expert-level content, our exam prep is made for just what you need – getting ahead.