CITB Health Safety and Environment Certification

The CITB Heath, Safety and Environment certification (HS&E) is a test that is administered within the UK as a means to test people who which to obtain their Construction Skills Certificate Scheme (CSCS) certification card. This certification serves to protect the public from poorly done construction work that could endanger the lives of many as well as increase productivity rates on construction sites.

Is taking the HS&E exam required for construction workers?
Simply put, no the CSCS card is not required for construction workers in the UK meaning you don’t have to take the HS&E exam. The only reason the HS&E is taken is because it is required as one of several steps in the CSCS certification process. You can work without any fear of governmental intervention or repercussions solely based on the fact that you do not have CSCS certification.

Benefits of Taking the HS&E Exam
There are many potential benefits of taking the HS&E exam as well as applying for a CSCS card. For individuals applying for jobs within the construction industry, passing the HS&E and obtaining your CSCS card will prove to your employer that you are both skilled and confident. Employers can trust that you will not be an on-site liability and will likely take less training than other applicants. Holding a CSCS card also makes companies and individuals more desirable for hire by businesses and individuals looking for construction work done because it gives proof that the cardholder has an above average IQ when it comes to safety and construction.

It is also common knowledge that those who have taken and passed the HS&E exam and went on to get their CSCS card are likely to get paid more than someone who does not hold the certification for the same job. Not only does the card make it easier to land jobs, but it also makes it more likely you will get paid more for each job.

Brief Overview of the CSCS Card Application Process
The whole process of taking the HS&E exam and then applying for the CSCS card may seem daunting to some, but in all actuality it is not too tricky!

Step 1 – Make sure you have a CV prepared that can serve as proof that you have the proper experience and qualifications needed to safely do your job.
Step 2 – Visit the CSCS website to determine which version of the test you need to take and which version of the card is the proper one for you to apply to.
Step 3 – Sign up for & take the test!
Step 4 – After you pass the test, call the CSCS to complete the application process or download a paper version of the application and mail it in. After the application is approved you will receive your card in the mail.