CITB Health Safety and Environment Test Overview

The Health, Safety, and the Environment (HS&E) exam is designed to test construction worker’s knowledge of health, safety, and environmental issues that could happen at a construction project. The test itself has four levels, all of which have 50 multiple-choice questions. Of these questions, 12 are behavioral case study questions. The case study questions examine behavior on the job site while the rest demonstrate a construction worker’s health, safety, and environmental knowledge. Keep reading for a CITB Health Safety and Environment test overview.

Preparing for the Test
Prepare for the HS&E exam using the revision materials offered by CITB. The HS&E revision guide and the “Setting Out” safety video are the most important materials for the exam. Those taking a specialist exam should read the question and answer book for that specialty before taking the exam. All materials are available through CITB, high street bookshops, or through the app store of those with Apple or Android phones.

Attending the Test
Everyone attending the test must arrive 15 minutes early with the conference letter and email. An ID card with a picture and signature is another requirement; however, those who do not have an ID can use an Identification Waiver form. The staff at the testing center will check all documents, but if any are missing, the fees will be forfeited.

Those completing the test have 45 minutes to complete it. The test is computer-based, where test takers can just click on the relevant answers as they take the test. Anyone who is not familiar with computers has the option of taking a tutorial prior to the test. This tutorial runs through sample questions and explains the testing process.

The Questions
The case study questions are based on information learned in the “Setting Out” safety video, established by the CITB. Anyone taking the test should watch the video and read over the study materials that CITB offers for all test levels. The rest of the questions cover the 16 knowledge topics based upon British legislation.

Specialist Tests
Candidates can take many different specialist tests. These tests cover different job functions such as scaffolding, interior contracting, and nuclear builds. Each specialist test includes six questions from the chosen specialty along with the 32 core questions that make up the knowledge portion of the test.

Finishing the Test
Candidates will find out right away if they passed or failed the test via a printed score report. This report gives feedback that allows the candidate know what areas he or she needs to further review. After passing the test, the candidate will receive a scheme card with the HS&E designation and any relevant specialty. If the candidate did not pass, further study is recommended. The candidate can then rebook the test and pay an additional fee to try again.

Once candidates receive their scheme card, they can have access to the job sites that require the specific card they hold. This allows candidates to have access to more job sites than they would without a card and shows they are aware and capable of taking the correct safety precautions while on the job.